Welcome to our team, all our coaches are passionate and enthusiastic about running along with various qualifications in personal training, degrees and diplomas in sports and fitness. The difference is we work as a team in coaching, all our coaches have gone through the GetRunning Certificate in Coaching, an intensive program designed to deliver coaching in a collaborative, high quality approach. We are constantly evolving and working together as coaches, using the latest in technology with the help of heart rate/gps Garmin watches through to fantastic analysis tools such as training peaks. When you choose a GetRunning coach you are overseen by the whole crew! We pride ourselves in evolving and working as a team to bring you the best in coaching and programming.


Gaz Brown

Gaz Brown, director and founder of GetRunning Ltd, first came into personal training in the UK back in 2005.  On Gaz’s return to New Zealand in 2006, he continued personal training at Les Mills in Auckland, and also completed various courses in advanced bio-mechanics and run coaching, moving onto full time coaching from that point onwards. 

Gaz is at the helm of GetRunning along with an amazing team of coaches and support staff, advising clients on the proper steps to take using a global approach when taking on your first half or full marathon, or wanting to achieve your personal best! 

Gaz has been successful in introducing many people into running, including taking Kerre Woodham to the Auckland, New York and Paris Marathons and co-writing with Kerre the book "Short Fat Chick to Marathon Runner,"  followed by "Short Fat Chick in Paris,"  with both books selling over 20,000 copies.



Sam Dobson

Sam (or Dobbo) - an invaluable resource for all the runners, having won the Rotorua marathon, and proved himself not only as a great runner - but also a fantastic coach.

With Dobbo’s race knowledge and competitive background, he specialises in taking runners to their personal best and trying different approaches to often get runners out of a slump.

With his luscious locks and athletic legs Running is ingrained in Dobbo's blood, having done so since the age of eight. He provides real running knowledge and race know-how.


Simon has always enjoyed running because it was something he felt he was good at, allowed him to live a healthy lifestyle and develop some great friendships. Running has given him a lot in that regard including opportunities to travel, an education, and to compete against some of the worlds best athletes. 

He got into running after a school sports day, qualified for and subsequently won Auckland Secondary Schools encouraged by his PE teacher (a former Steepler) to do a bit of training and give it a more serious go. 

Simon competed from the age of 14-24 largely focusing on track (800m before graduating to 1500m) and cross country. He won numerous Sec Schools and Junior titles before leaving NZ to attend a Div1 university in Houston, Texas - Rice University. Simon competed at that level for 4 years where he achieved many PB’s, finishing his degree at the same time. Unfortunately he had to hang up the laces after a serious car accident but since then has completed a Postgraduate Diploma in Sport and Exercise and enjoys sharing that knowledge with others to help them achieve their goals. 


Leanne has run on and off since her teens for health and fitness, running several half marathons during that time.  In her twenties she ran a marathon to see if she could, crossed the finish line and laid that goal to rest... or so she thought. Many years later she decided to run another marathon and then she was hooked.  Leanne has now run 9 marathons and trained as a coach.  Specialising in the New York Marathon and working with beginners, Leanne’s ethos is simple:

  • It is easier to stay fit than to get fit

  • It is essential to have the right programme

  • It is important to understand heart rates

  • The power of the mind is as important as the power of the body

  • Running with a group of similar paced runners is a powerful tool

  • Running will bring fitness, fun, friendship and fulfilment to your life 

Leanne decided to become a coach so she can help others find a love of running. She knows how it feels to be unfit and out of shape, how much better it feels to be fit and strong.  With motivation, support and a personalised programme it is possible to achieve any running goal.  Whether it is a 5k, 10k, half or full marathon she is passionate about helping you get there.