Al Macgregor - GetRunning Tours - International & National

I have been on many half Marathon and full Marathon GR tours, both international and local, and I can truly say they are very special events. They have made a big impact on my life and have become much looked forward to adventures that pull me out of the daily grind and treadmill of life. They are my escape and are good for my health (mostly).

They are unique events. I have had many outstanding experiences and the memories will live with me forever. My daughters, Libby and Alice and their partners, Richard and Brendon, heard about the experience so they have come along too; both to local and International events I have run and they have formed the nucleus of a very strong supporters team who seem to follow the GetRunners and now Libby, Alice, Brendon and Richard are all doing their own forms of running; its infectious. However the supporters have found the experience needs its own special training regime as you are not allowed to just turn up and do nothing; you have to join in – everything – and that means if you are a GR who wants to party (not all do or have to) then look out. GetRunners are very good socialisers. I’m a bit shy for that but try my best.

I’m not sure what makes the events special but they are. If you are going on just one, or many, you will look back with a fondness on a ‘high five’ time in your life no matter what personality type you are. People just seem to mix and it doesn’t matter what walk of life you come from, or how much money you have in the bank, you will quickly find a friend or a group of willing NBF’s. Above all though you are all just social runners and GetRunning seems to be able to have a special mix of style, organisation and management that quickly bonds the participants.

Some of the people you meet on these tours you will stay in contact with, many for life, and some maybe, like I have, you will form a closeness with as great relationships develop and they have become part of my ‘inner circle’ of people I trust and treasure; something I never expected.

And of course there is always the running; yep you have to do that bit too but you will find enormous support for you before, during and after the event irrespective if you are the fastest runner or the slowest runner, its your first time or one of many times, nobody cares, they are just so supportive of you crossing that finish line that you will quickly relax and enjoy the experience.

So have a go at one and enjoy like my family and I have done.

Al Macgregor